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Damian Got Nominated and Summer Starts Rad!

Close enough, Rad Fans. 

There may be one measly days left until it’s officially summer, but we’re calling it anyway. 

To kick off the next few months of backyard grill sessions, Ten P.M. sunsets, and frying eggs on the hood of our car, we asked the Rad Squad for their raddest summer tips. As they are wont to do in any discussion, Mean Inc. chimed in as well.

Next stop? 

The Radical Rick guide to starting summer rad. 

While we’re at it, here’s some seriously rad news.  

Damian Got Nominated! 


Our favorite, easter egg-laying, BMX and all things rad-loving Jedi Master of an artist…nominated? 

Nominated for what? 

The Oscars?

The Nobel Peace Prize? 

The Marcel DuChamp Art Prize? 

The MX Mug ‘We knew him back in the day and taught him everything he knows’ Credit-Hog Certificate? 

While we could see Damian nabbing all of those (minus the last one), it’s actually something better—he’s been nominated for the BMX Hall of Fame in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

There he is. 

Top right in the Industry category, listed with some Hall-of-Fame worthy folks who made the BMX industry what it is today. Brian Scura, the late Howie Cohen, Oakley founder Jim Jannard, John and Rita Gregory, promoter Renny Roker, and the Freestylin’ Magazine staff to name a few.

What an honor. 

And if you’re rooting for Damian (just like we are), aaaaaand, if you happen to be a qualified voting member for the BMX Hall of Fame, don’t forget to send that ballot in by June 30th. 

Rumor is, they’ll announce the winners sometime this fall. 

Starting Summer Rad 

If you’re like us, that last day of school felt like the liberation of Paris. No more homework. No more curfew. Movies, concerts, mischief with the crew, staying up and sleeping in—and hitting the track or mini ramp whenever we felt like it. 

Total victory. 

Now that we’re *ahem* responsible grown-ups, three months of PTO might not be in the cards. But you and I know that the spirit of summer lives on each year, cresting with the Fourth and rushing toward Labor Day in the blink of an eye. 

Now to do that very first week justice, here’s some hot tips from the rad squad. 

Tip One: Hit the Sand 

Clear skies. Chilled water. Friends who love you in spite of your glaring farmer tan, (or are having too much fan to care).  

For an opening salvo there’s really nothing better. 

Even if you’re more of a garage and project guy, one summer beach day is worth the memories, and usually worth the price of admission—traffic, parking, or if you’re in Santa Barbara, some twelve-thousand floating undergrads packed into a square mile.  


At any rate, who needs SoCal beachfront? A houseboat, a swimming hole, or the sandiest shore your nearest lake or river has to offer should do the trick. Find some gem of a spot that’s off the beaten path, and then kick back and let the rad times roll. 

Word of advice: if you spot Butch Cartilage snooping around, do not go in the water.


Rad so far? 

We’ve got tip number two ready to go. 

Tip Two: Improvise 

Wherever you are, take a cue from the Rad Squad and come up with your own rad solution from scratch… or YouTube if you need some ideas. 

No fancy grill? 

Smoke that brisket in your old file cabinet. 

Forgot the cooler? 

Plop those drinks (or uncut watermelon) in the shallow end of a cold stream. 

No phone charger? Perfecto. 

About time the kids built some character. Maybe they’ll realize that there’s a living, vibrant, adventure-having world that doesn’t involve Candy Crush.  

Okay, Dad rant over. 

Tip Three: Bring Your Bike Along 

Radical Rick will ride anything… but his favorite ride goes something like two wheels, seat, handlebars. So make like the radster and bring your bike along. 

Who knows what you’ll find?

That campsite you booked might be sitting next to a sweet riding trail. 

Any flat patch of dirt, grass, or concrete comes with a dare—one best answered with a freestyle trick you’ve been practicing.   

Wherever possible (not recommending you take your bike skydiving but we’re sure someone’s done it…), make like Radical Rick and keep those pedals close by. 

Don’t we all know the feeling of seeing an obstacle that’s just begging to be hit… but not having the wheels to do it ourselves. 

Tackle a Project 

Somewhere around the Spring of ‘84, Radical Rick and Mug took on their most ambitious project in Crushed Crank Canyon: building, (and with too many fan suggestions to count, naming) the Attackilac.  

When plenty of time, nice weather, and all of summer rolled out in front of you like a bright red carpet, why not do likewise? 

Start (and finish) that rad project you’ve been dreaming about. 

And while you’re at it… 

Honey-Do List? Why I Scoff at the Thought! 

Here’s Purin Flashin—right on cue. 

 Summer, you say? 

When I’m not preoccupied with my life’s calling—controlling the Youth of America and seeing BMX go the way of the pogo stick—I’ve been known to take a vacation or two. 

Every plan, however foiled, for world denomination merits some R and R, so I’ll start with that. 

Every summer, your favorite husk of skin and bone…

-Spends an hour a day in the albino tanning bed (curse that outdoor sun!)  

-Drops a Baby Ruth bar in every nearby swimming pool

-Nukes a bucket of stale, carbon-flavored popcorn and hits the couch for a Dexter marathon.

-Practices his own presidential acceptance speech (one history’s dictators would be proud to hear). 

-Takes a weeklong cruise with Somali pirates. 

-Invites all of Mean Inc. over for the Fourth of July! Rotten watermelon, hot dogs made with real dog, and for the big firework show, a few scud missiles and one WORLD PIECE BOMB! 


Even scheming, card-carrying World Dominator knows that summer’s the time to kick back, relax… and pulverize Radical Rick to smithereens! 

Surprise Everyone by Being a Hero

This last one is probably the best tip of the lot… and the hardest one to pull off. 

Suffice it to say, there’s no seasoning to a perfect summer like giving someone else a boost, even if that means risking your life and limb like MX Mug to rescue a friend’s bike in Episode 70. 

With darts and knives flying, Mug forgets about his own hide (for once) and walks a tightrope out into danger. Summer, winter, or whenever the occasion comes, there’s nothing radder than stepping up to save the day. 

Rad Enough? 

That’s it, Rad Fans.

Summer’s here and you know what to do. 

However you celebrate and wherever you vacay, remember to stay rad and don’t be a wimp! 

And if you’re qualified to vote for the BMX Hall of Fame, send that ballot in!

Until next time. 

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