Radical Rick 45th Anniversary Book Coming Soon!

The Book


This year marks the 40th anniversary of one of BMXs’ earliest and perhaps most colorful pioneers, Radical Rick. Years out of the spotlight, we tried to track him down to get an authentic roots perspective from someone who made an immeasurable impact on the sport and lived through the growing pains of BMX. Elusive as ever, we were forced to settle for his spokesperson, Damian Fulton.

So 40 years?

DF: Yeah, weird, huh? I drew the first episode for BMX Plus! Magazine November 1979 for the January 1980 issue. All toll he and his bike-riding buddies appeared in at least 150 episodes over 13 years. And Radical Rick returned in reruns in the 2000s.


Wait, what? That Radical Rick dude is just a drawing?

DF: Actually a BMX comic character that started back when the sport was in its infancy.

 So you’re Bob Haro?

DF: No, he drew the Grab-On Kid cartoon for a grip company.

 And founded a pretty awesome bike company. Do you have a bike company?

DF: Hey I really just wanted to let your readers know for the first time there’s going to be a book chronicling all 150+ episodes of Radical Rick coming out with some really cool and classic original artwork, including rare covers and poster art. It’ll be a pretty impressive collection of BMX history in a quality bound hardcover.

 Sounds kind of hoity-toity.

DF: Nah, It’ll be a kick to see the evolution of the sport through the episodes.

Times and trends changed, from neighborhood tracks to monster super BMX events, to freestyle, to halfpipe and street, and back to BMX. Fashion, hair, music changed and Rick rode through it all. He was just a kid addicted to extreme thrills because of an over productive rad gland. Most of us can relate.

 How does someone get a hold of one of those hardbound babies.

DF: I’ve been working with a buddy to layout the book, it’s a massive project, I’ve had help from people all over the world, guys who sent scans from the old back issues of BMX PLUS! Magazines. Once we get it all laid out, we’ll start a kickstarter campaign to insure the people who really want it and have been waiting for it, get first dibs.


You’re not going the traditional publishing route.

DF: the problem is I can’t control the quality or contents going that way. Folks have been waiting a long time for all the episodes collated in one place, so I’d rather self-publish and make it the best book possible.

It’s a lot harder but I believe it’ll be worth it. That means I’ll be signing, packaging, and shipping the books out of my own garage!

 Will Rick be there signing autographs?

DF: Doubt it. I’m certain he’d rather be riding.

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