Radical Rick 45th Anniversary Book Coming Soon!

Radical Rick is full of secret messages... for those who have decoders.


And here it is!!!!

One hundred percent official membership is right.

With this top secret de-coder, Radical Rick fans were able to read messages scrawled in the background, on the walls of buildings… and even in white spaces between panels of the comic itself.

Now that you’ve got it, time to try it out!

Break the code in these three panels below, then dig through your old Radical Rick episodes and see what epiphanies you find tucked in the nook and crannies.

When you’re done scroll on down for the Answer Key and see if you've got decoding chops.

Code on the wall translates left to right.
What does the code right above this caption say?


  • Decoding Panel One:

    From left to right, diagonally on the wall, Damian drops a hint that Purin Flashin’s boasting of his evil scheme is all in vain. The coded message reads: ‘That’s what you think.’

  • Decoding Panel Two:

    Beneath the panel, Damian hints at how an entire BMX race was sabotaged by one Butch Cartilage. The answer makes sense… it’s ‘Butch cut the tires.’

Until next time…

Stay rad and keep your eyes open.

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  • I appreciate the decoder, but some of us ‘true’ fans deciphered the code on our own! So glad that there’s an RR resurgence. Any updates on the book or link to the kickstarter?


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