Radical Rick 45th Anniversary Book Coming Soon!

The Sculptor Speaks


Here's how Japanese master artist Takeo Tsuhara, or "Taco" as I like to call him, tell's it.

Taco explains, "My best friend (American artist) Jeral Tidwell recommended me to Damian.
"I really appreciate Jeral.
"Then, I asked them to send me an image of Radical Rick and decided to make it in a way that only I [could express my appreciation of his character].

Until now, I used to model with a clay called "Sculpy", but this time I wanted to express [the form} in detail, so I used industrial clay to model the entire body, shoes and clothes wrinkles. The fine right hand is sculpted with Sculpy as before.

"First the head was molded with industrial clay, molded with silicon, cast on resin, and then molded with putty.

"We communicated many times, confirmed, remade, confirmed, and so on, u
ntil damian approved and I was satisfied with Damian's commitment.

"In the end, I truly believe have sculpted the best work I have ever done! This must have been due to Damian's supportive response. I haven't met him yet, so I'd like to hug him when I meet him!

"Due to the influence of COVID-19, the flight was delayed and the arrival in California was delayed, but since it is a wonderful work, I think that it is a very valuable limited item for Radical Rick fans and Damian Fulton fans!”

Well said, Taco. I definitely owe you a hug. If you'd like to order a custom one of your own, reach out to Taco via DM @meteoratoyz. He also paints them for an additional fee. I have one, it's stunning!!

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