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Villains Part 2: A Few Dishonorable Mentions:

You saw where we landed Ranking the Top 5 Radical Rick Villains

We couldn’t stop ourselves from throwing out a few of our favorite baddie cameos. Some of these guys popped up for a single episode while a few caused trouble for a whole storyline.

Ayatollah Khammany

Another slice of history… This crazed, turban-wearing mockup of the former Supreme Leader of Iran infiltrates the action by posing as the Radster himself. (Damian’s first full-color trilogy, BMX Plus! December 1981)

After a narrow escape, and an autograph session with the Ayatollah’s hot daughter, sources report that Radical Rick is still wanted by the Republic of Urang.

Colonel Tom

A sleazy star athlete promoter with a stretch limo and piles of cash, this baddie tempts Radical Rick to farm out his radness for a life of luxury. (Episode 123).

Lucky for us, Rick peddles away good and fast!

The Breaktown Gang

The back alley crew that break dances on 20 inch bikes introduces us to Spike Speedwrench (June 1985 issue). Makes perfect sense that Spike’s fastest-man-alive maneuver has its origins in flatland!

Aliens with heads shaped like handlebars

Weirdness. Period. We love em’! Say no more. (June1981 issue)

Hey Damian, can we see them again sometime?

MX Mug?

Oh, carrot nose.

In the first few issues of Radical Rick, Mug’s quite the adversary. While he quickly realizes he’s better off riding the Radster’s coattails, his lust for BMX glory never quite wears off...and gets him and the gang into sticky situations.

Did we miss one?

There are a bunch of wacky weirdos that messed up Rick's world. Maybe you have a favorite you want to give a shout out about?

Tell us who's your favorite bad boy...or girl...or thingy.

Leave a comment or let us know on instagram! 



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