Radical Rick 45th Anniversary Book Coming Soon!


I'D LOVE TO TELL YOU THIS JUST SORT OF SPRUNG UP IN MID AIR BY SIMPLY SNAPPING MY FINGERS. BUT NO, MAGIC BMX FAIRY DUST DOES NOT EXSIST. The idea of a dedicated website just for all things Radical Rick has been kicked around, talked about, started, and stopped multiple times over the years since the interweb was invented by Al Gore. But truth be told, there just hasn't been the ultimate sherpa to drag it over the finish line. I certainly couldn't do it, obviously or we'd have one years ago, so I'm definitely a stumbling block. Lot's of corporate types have promised it, but execs get distracted by other shiny things (or get canned) and their once prized project goes limp.

That's where Damion Hickman (no relation) comes riding in on his white BMX- uh, horse. The whole calvary to be exact. He's THE man behind the herculean effort to get 'er done, and he did just as he said he would. Hat's off to the D dude for walkin' the walk, talkin' the talk, and dedicating so much dang time and brain cells to the cause. Thank you my main man!

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