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Stay Rad! Shirt

Stay Rad! Shirt

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Finally, the official seal of radness is now available, stealthily emblazoned on your studly chest, proclaiming Rick's weighty motto to those in the know, and those who need to know: STAY RAD, DON'T BE A WIMP!  At the very center of this iconic image, is Rick's portrait, his steely eyes staring down weakness. His philosophy is more relevant now than when it originally manifested back in the day...No matter your age or station in life, you've got one shot here on earth, make it count in every aspect of your being.

Heavy? Yeah, but what would expect from the world's raddest dude?? Available in Graphite Black with stealth black ink combo. 100% rad and 100% soft cotton! Limited quantities available. Rock it with pride.


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