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Prints available NOW! I love this image originally painted in the 80s and now a part of BMX history! We’re making prints for everyone whether you’ve never been able to afford RADICAL RICK art or are one of those dudes stoked for the latest high quality 40 limited editions.  Frustrated because you didn’t get a chance own RADICAL RICK stuff before it instantly sold out?

Today, this beautify reproduced “RADICAL RICK SOARS” painting is now in all kinds of sizes and price points so, just like Goldilocks, there’s something that’s just right.

That said, there are only 40 of the hand signed canvas wrapped limited editions. So if you want a cornerstone to your Radical Rick collection, this is the piece! When they are sold out they are sold out. No special orders, sorry. 

Good luck everyone, and stay RAD! Order yours now!



Radical Rick x Knight BMX Stem

OLD school meets new cool, this mash-up from legit KNIGHT BIKE CO. and BMX legend RADICAL RICK makes any ride rad inside.  SORRY, SOLD OUT.



Radical Rick™ Creator Damian Fulton and Supercross BMX™ Founder Bill Ryan have teamed up to bring you the ultimate special edition 40th year anniversary collectible, none other than the ultimate BMX Bobble Head, the BMXer who has done more than any of us could of dreamed of, Radical Rick. Yep, that guy. Rick will be at home in any BMXers trophy case, book shelf, or proudly displayed on the TV stand in the living room to show the world that you are a true BMXer thru and thru.  Handsomely painted and ready to rock, I mean bobble, the little guy stands a solid 7” tall and every inch of him is RAD! At just $29.95 he's a steal! Get him now!  ORDER MY RADICAL BOBBLE HEAD!

New Bobbles! Skuzzer & MX Mug are alive!







The world's first Radical Rick glove by Motocross legends CRUSH are a sweet $24.95 and proven rad! There is a limited quantity but if they go over well, they'll make more! The thumbs are touch screen sensitive and all gloves on the site are in stock and will ship within 72 hours from So Cal.


Radical Rick Signet Ring















Available in 4 different finishes and can be custom engraved on the inside of the band. Choose your custom size to fit your ring finger, as a pinky ring, or if you’re really rad, a wedding band! Order your Rad ring now!


Radical Rick Pad set









The iconic BMX Plus comic star is the guest of honor on this new pad set from Flite. Retro-modern nylon construction with velcro closures and two color prints featuring the fantastic artwork of Damian Fulton and the world famous Radical Rick.  See the Flite BMX Radical Rick collection here!




 Check this dream collaboration, Certified RAD! Damian Fulton Art combined with the popular Club PB Rider Mask. The perfect Functional and Fun Mashup!

The RR Mask/Neck Gaiter keep you safe in public as well as rad on your rides. It's a Neck Gaiter. It's a Cool Guy Wrap. It's a Mask. It's your dream come true! Nab one and grow your Rad Rick collection.


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