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Cold Weather Sports Wins

When the weather chills, so does our hero. 

And by chill we mean dominate every winter sport known to man. Skiing, sledding, snowboarding…the sole exception is probably curling. But that’s only because (as you might say if you were talking about one Chuck Norris), curling hasn’t tried Radical Rick yet.  

Once again, we're counting down some Radical Rick winter sport wins that would give a panel of Olympic judges a collective brain freeze…and win an involuntary standing ovation.




Hold on to your lift ticket.

And if a glimpse of Damian's snowboard line from Lib technologies sounds too good to wait for, scroll on down!

Here's our list of Radical Rick Winter Sports Wins. 


Radical Rick Smokes a Snowmobile Race, April '81

Radical Rick smokes a snowmobile!

In their first winter escapade, Radical Rick and MX Mug follow a hot (or, rather… an icy cold) tip about a BMX race with a $5,000 prize up to Alaska.

When they get there, they meet a bald, mustached, red-nosed baddie, (the kind of bloke you’d find lifting a barbell in black and white photographs). The baddie charges them $300 to enter a snowmobile race…on nothing but their bikes. 

With spokes and wheels versus snow-eating treads, it’s a close call. But in the end Radical Rick smokes the competition—and partakes in a sweet, Eskimo kiss with an Alaskan beauty queen.


Ski Slope Speed Demon, March of ’83


Episode thirty-eight starts with a nod to BMX legends Jeff Bottema, Stu Thomsen, and Toby Henderson, riders who were known for going skiing in between races.

Taking his cue from the legends, MX Mug tries teaching Radical Rick how to ski. But moments later, after the Radster’s already taking curves, jumps, and of course, girls with eye-watering speed, poor Mug’s shaking his head.

What can we say?

“It’s fascinating that Crush Crank Canyon can have both palm trees and snow.” - Damian 

Riding an Avalanche, May, June, July ‘89

Not what we’d expect from three episodes stretched over the start of summer… but part of the Radster’s greatness is zigging where he ought to zag.

After disguising himself as Radical Rick’s principal, Skuzzer abducts the Radster, drives the Attackilac up a snowy mountain and then fires our hero out on the slopes Evil Knievel style.

Skuzzer then tees off with the Attackilac’s all-too-real tank rounds… only to bury himself in the ensuing avalanche while Rick snowboards to safety.

Before we’re done here, we should mention that Skuzzer Switchblade frozen in ice like a wooly mammoth might make a swell artifact.

What do you say, Damian? 

Keep reading for some...


Radical Rick Snowboard Mania 

Truth be told, Damian himself was once a ski instructor. 

With Radial Rick’s connection to the slopes and winter sports clearly established, we can’t be shocked at the Radster’s annual appearance on a line of freerider snowboards by designer Matt Cummins. 

Here’s what Matt had to say: 

“I am super pumped to see this come to life. Damian Fulton did the artwork. We are all super stoked he was interested! Damian is the creator of the Radical Rick comics that ran in BMX PLUS. He also held the position of VP Art director at Marvel Comics for years.”  -Matt Cummins

Year One

Check out both sides of this ocean escapade at www.the-house.com

Year Two


And Don’t Forget Your Radical Rick Stomp Pad! 

No substitute for some rad traction, courtesy of Oneball.

Get the kind of grip that helps you dodge Skuzzer’s artillery rounds on your way off the ski lift. 

That’s all rad fans! 

Whether you’re gearing up for that black diamond or just warming up on the bunny slope, we recommend one thing:

"Stay Rad! and Don't Be A Wimp"

Till next time. 


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