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Riding with Legends

Up close with the raddest BMX rider cameos in Radical Rick

Greg Hill and Radical Rick grind toward the finish line. Episode 36.

With fall rolling in, and with more BMX events happening this month than any other time of the year, this one’s a seasonal necessity.

Radical Rick and the rad squad are no celebrity chasers…but when you’re the raddest, gutsiest, most agile rider this side of Crushed Crank Canyon, you’re bound to bump into the best of the best. Over several decades of fun shenanigans, it’s a proven rad fact that Radical Rick’s met enough iconic riders to host his own private X Games. 

One that Mean, Inc. would no doubt show up uninvited to. 

After skimming over the Radical Rick collection that’s slated to be published in the near future, here’s who we found.

Stu Thomsen

Episode 36
How could you miss the mustache, Mug?

With the Babe Ruth of BMX swings by the Redline / World Almanac BMX Skills Competition, you know some rad action is about to go down.

Turns out Stu’s there to demonstrate each of the events to the crowd, a job he asks MX Mug and Radical Rick to help him with. In a perfect ending, and when Stu asks the radster for a classic bunny hop, Radical Rick funnels his pent-up energy skyward.

Bunny hop airlift to end Episode 36.

Lofty impression… just the one you’d want to make on one the early founders of BMX.

Bob Haro

Bob Haro, Episode 36.

Turns out, Stu (with some help from Damian) sneaks in his pal Bob Haro for a mind-bending wheelie in that very same episode.

This cameo’s a short one; if you blink and keep reading you might miss the rider, designer, artist, business leader, and original founder of BMX freestyle.

But to quote one Spike Speedwrench, since when does being short (or making a short appearance) make anyone any less rad?

Bob Haro, all endo for Action Now magazine.

Greg Hill

Episode 38
Greg Hill, BMXOregon.com, The Real Influencers project

When an angsty BMX champ who calls himself ‘The Businessman’ takes on Radical Rick, you can only imagine he’ll train accordingly.

To no surprise, and in an episode that answers the fan question: ‘Is Radical Rick as fast as the best; Mr. 83’ Greg Hill?’ the champ with more titles than Elizabeth Taylor has husbands pulls out all the stops.

The Businessman doesn’t mess around.

And what of the race?

While you’ll have to check back when Radical Rick collection comes out… let’s just say one Greg Hill meets a worthy opponent.

For once in his career.


Toby Henderson

Toby Henderson, down to the grin. Episode 48,

Hutch team rider, trick inventor, and international star Toby Henderson pays his respects in Episode 36… one that centers on the Radillac being out of action. This is a few episodes before the unveiling of the ‘Attackilac’ and Mug and Radical Rick are scrambling for a way to pick up two cheerleaders for a sizzling double date.

When Toby asks how they decided to square that circle, Mug sheepishly replies that his brother let them borrow the wagon:

Episode 48.


To Mug’s defense, one of the most likeable, widely-recognized icons in BMX history would probably applaud such thinking outside the box.

Eddie Fiola

Eddie Fiola, poolside, Episode 84.

Huffing and angry, five time Amateur Skatepark Association Champ Eddie Fiola warns the Rad Squad that a skatepark contest is completely rigged. Turns out he’s right. With Purin Flashin, Butch, and Thrasher Bones sitting at the Judge’s table, no rider’s getting a fair shake.

Eddie also makes an earlier appearance, marveling at the newly unfurled Attackilac in Episode 52 alongside Martin Aparijo.

Episode 52

What can we say?

Like a moth drawn to the bug-zapper, some legends—and future stuntmen for The Italian Job, the Dukes of Hazzard and Indiana Jones—just can’t resist the Radster’s glow.

Or the other way around.

Bicycle Works on Pinterest

Matt Hoffman, Gary Ellis, Charles Townsend, Pete Loncarevich, and Dave McCoy

We’re topping this off with a panel from Damian’s 13th Anniversary Radical Rick Episode (January of ‘93). In a gathering that brings to mind the Last Supper, BMX legends Matt Hoffman, Gary Ellis, Charles Townsend, Pete Loncarevich, and Dennis McCoy gather for a big air jam session.

It’s so much rad energy that the bridge and groom dropping in by parachute can’t help but seal their vows on the spot.

Do we take Radical Rick, and this raddest of riding crews to forever blow our minds?

Yes, rad fans.

Yes we do.

In January of ‘93, the gang’s all here.

Until next time.

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