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How Are Those Rad Resolutions Going?

Did you think we wouldn't ask? 

With all the rain, snow, wind and bomb cyclone shenanigans, you might have thought you’d be off the hook from sticking to that new keto diet.

No such luck… and shall we add, no rest for the Rad!  

Not when you could probably master five BMX tricks from the comfort of your garage… or get excited about your average SoCal surf spot churning out set after set of rideable, record-breaking big waves.

With any luck, and with January almost over, we hope you’re hanging in there. If you’re like us—that is, if it’s taking everything you’ve got to forego that late-night Wammo burger run (if no one sees you, it doesn’t count, right?)—you’ve got the right idea.

Maybe it’s the goal-setting that really matters.


Yeah… definitely not us. Mug and Spike in Episode 139


But wherever you’re at, you won’t find a better yardstick than the characters from our favorite comic strip. Keep reading, or scroll on down to see how Mug, Bonnie, Purin Flashin’, and of course Radical Rick, are doing with their rad resolutions so far. 

While you’re at it, here’s a behind-the-scenes glance at the planning and design that gave us the Radical Rick Haro bike.

Planning the Radical Rick Haro Bike



The Radical Rick ‘26 bike, Harobikes.com.

Haro Bikes. Radical Rick. 

If you can think of a better match—or a better love child than these classic big wheel bikes coated in Radical Rick graphics—let us know.

Even more than its own rocking color combo, Damian drew from the comic to give each bike it’s own slice of the Radical Rick’s saga.

Damian’s story collage.

Look carefully… and you’ll see drawings, sounds effects, patterns, and colors of a particular Rad moment layered over each bike’s frame, head lock, seat, plate and pads.

Here’s the tour:


Did we mention secret code?

That’s right.

Ever the sly communicator, Damian left snippets of his own secret code for hardcore Radical Rick fans on every bike.

Haro Bikes

A Rad Announcement

                                 Harobikes.com. Where else?

Along with ‘24 and ‘26 wheel sizes, the Radical Rick Haro Bike is now available with ‘29 inch wheels!

Check It Out

Resolutions with the Rad Squad

Episode 152… one of the Attackilac’s many accidents.

MX Mug’s Habits for Instant Success

Don’t ask. Here he is in his own words:

“Resolutions are for wimps and losers… every year, I make something better—a list of habits for instant success and the recognition I’ve always deserved. And guess what? They work for everyone! Mug’s Habits for Instant Success can be all yours for five easy payments of…”

That’s great Mug.

On closer inspection, looks like carrot nose is actually pulling his New Year’s weight so far. Here’s his real list:

  • Daily riding practice: two hours for stamina.

  • Flat ground practice: bunny hops, fast plants, tire grabs, nose pivots (hehee…) half cab, full cab, backlash.

  • Drop in on one flaming, multi-dimensional, radioactive surface a month… because stranger things have happened.

  • Try online dating (note: 3 AM email conversation with disposed Nigerian Princess does NOT count.)

  • Call back about insurance claims for what’s left of the Attackillac. What are those sky-high premiums for anyway?

  • Get five friends selling pre-paid phone cards, and then get back to that one guy, Mutch Fartilage. Time to get rich!

  • Take credit more often.

  • Beat Radical Rick in one thing—racing, surfing, breakdancing, sledding, girls, push-ups, chess, poker, escape room—ONE THING… and then die happy.

    Episode 147… with Garth and Wayne at the bottom.

    Bonnie’s Neatly Typed and Formatted Resolutions

    Hold on to your handlebars… this here’s from the overachiever of the bunch:

  • Finish part five of epic, Shakespearian Radical Richard love poem

  • Read biographies: Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Marie Curie, Stephen Hawking… and now that she’s co-hosting Jeopardy, Miyam Bialik.

  • Meditation and hot yoga, twice a day.

  • Molecularly healthy eating for energy and brain growth.

  • Memorize five hundred more digits of pi.

  • Daily evaluations of my hourly evaluation of my minute-by minute ten second goals… after all, nothing works without accountability.

  • Apply to fifteen research grants to study, and hopefully pin down the biological mutation behind Richard’s rad reflexes…

  • Note: will need fifteen ways to make Richard sit still so I can examine him…duct tape and stun gun are up first.

And… we’ll stop there.

Come on, Bonnie. We all know Radical Rick will never sit still.

Some buddy love from episode 153.

Purin Flashin’s Resolutions

Ick. These sent more than one shiver down our spine.

Purin Flashin’s list goes something like:

  • Stick to a purely mean diet: horseradish, durian fruit, limburger cheese, insects for protein, pork rinds (DO NOT tell Skuzzer), and the occasional shot of anchovy paste.

  • Resist the urge to upgrade glitter bomb for Amazon package thieves to actual bomb.

  • Mean meditation once a week.

  • Quarterly zoom meeting with Kim Jong-Un, Putin, Dr. Evil, and Ayatollah Krammany. (Note: no one summits without a team.)

  • Monthly progress reports for Butch, Skuzzer, Thrasher, all the minions.

  • No more childish pranks—ding dong ditch, thumb tacks on chairs, anthrax mailers and such: you’ve got bigger fish to fry.

  • Succeed in ONE plan to dominate the youth of America and vanquish Radical Rick forever… TWO for good measure.

  • Make one good pass at world domination.

  • No more howling at the full moon and cursing foiled plans… that’s just asking to get recorded and go viral.

Say what you will, but Radical Rick’s foremost nemesis is certainly ambitious.

Less we forget… Radical Rick!

Doing what he does best.

We checked in with our hero, and his 2023 resolutions are:

  1. Stay rad.

  2. Don’t be a wimp.

Hmm… hold on a sec.

Yeah, we double checked and that’s it.

Being both a legend and a rider of few words, Radical Rick’s ultimate resolution is to let his rad, heroic lifestyle speak for itself.

It’s going to be quite the year.

Catch you next time!

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