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Proof that October is the Raddest Month of the Year

We’re not kidding. 

From the huge number of big BMX competitions that have already happened, (more in this month than any other), to the best conditions for surfing, biking, and everything outdoors, October is a seriously rad month. 

And that’s not even counting some of the snazzy Radical Rick costumes we’ve seen over the years. Halloween? More like Comic-Con. 

Don’t believe us? Think we’re just missing summer… or suffering the usual case of over productive rad gland?

Keep reading. 

And get ready to count the ways you’re wrong. 

Though he probably won’t say them out loud, (the protector of BMX has always been more eager to ride than explain himself...), here are Rick’s reasons why October is the raddest month of the year.

Reason 1: The insane amount of BMX competitions

It’s ridiculous. 

There’s enough race and freestyle for someone to declare October National BMX Month. Assuming that he dinged a sprocket and was down for the count, here’s what Radical Rick would have already watched from his home in Crushed Crank Canyon: 

- The USA BMX Freestyle in Tehachapi, California

This early October showdown at Woodward West was the last in a National Series. Sizzling champ Daniel Sandoval took first place, with Ryan Nyquist and Jeremy Malott taking second and third.  

-The Sunshine State Nationals in St. Cloud, Florida. 

Team and individual races went down near Jacksonville. Word on the Everglades, (and verified by one MX Mug) is that no alligators were harmed. 

- Fall Nationals in Bakersfield, California 

Down in SoCal, just over the Grapevine, riders spent two days devouring the winding dirt track at Metro BMX. 

- Lone Star Nationals in Houston, Texas 

Remember the Alamo? 

Maybe you remembered to tune in last weekend for this BMX showdown at Rockstar Energy Bike Park, home to a 70,000 square foot concrete park with five bowls and a street section… enough RAD spots to make the grounded Radster jealous! 

Reason 2: BMX around the world

When the days get shorter… or longer, depending on the hemisphere... rad reflexes everywhere go into overdrive. 

Hot off the first ever BMX events in last summer’s Olympics, cities like Amsterdam and Madrid both hosted Urban Sports Week. Think urban culture vibe…. paired up with races, freestyle, skateboarding, and guest appearances from BMX silver medalist Daniel Dher.

Also, there were competitions in Peru, Ecuador, Slovakia and Chile, and the BMX Supercross World Cup went down in Turkey.

All in October. 

And while we’re on the topic of international radness… 

Reason 3: Oktoberfest

All right, all right... 

If you’ve been over to Duestchland for suds and oom-pah, you know the score. Over there, they do Oktoberfest in September. 

We’re still counting it, though.  

Reason 4: Surfing 

It might surprise you, but here on the West Coast, fall’s actually the best time of year to get in the water. 

Summer, and even spring are hit or miss. And while pros and daredevils live for those bone-crunching winter storms, offshore Santa Ana winds make spots like Huntington, Trestles, and San Onofre close to perfect. 

The water may not be warm, but it’s not freezing yet.


Reason 5: Swampfest 

Swampfest rocks. 

Going down on October 30th near Orlando, Florida, it’s a one-of-a-kind day of freestyle, racing, skateboarding, and hanging out with pros. 

If you head on over, be sure to thank professional rider Trey Jones, the host and creator of this seriously rad BMX celebration. 

Reasons 6 - 10 Every single outdoor activity

Still not convinced?

Step outside. 

Cooler temps, but plenty of daylight means there’s tons to do… and without the summer hordes! Whether you're hiking a slot canyon, out on a mountain bike or hitting the slopes a little early, just face it… 

October’s the outdoor sweet spot. 

With that, Radical Rick rests his case… and since you made it to the end of the post, here’s a surprise announcement: 

Be ready for an Art Drop of original Radical Rick artwork on Halloween!! You know how fast these pieces sell out, so be ready and GOOD LUCK!!

 C.M. Miller

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